Giving Back

Little ChiChi, 14 Year Old Foster Pet
(wearing one of our writeable ID tags)
Photo Courteousy of Poodle Rescue of Vermont
We believe that EVERY rescued or fostered pet should leave an animal shelter (or rescue) with an easily read phone # to get them home quickly should they get lost or escape!  

This is because the first few days are extremely critical  to a new pet as they get used to their new family and home, doubly true in a foster pet's case.  So very it's important there are no delays while waiting on choosing a new name or time needed for the Microchip and License to be registered in computer systems. 

To create a simple solution, we designed a writeable and waterproof ID tag - all that is needed is a Sharpie to write the pet's phone number. Hey presto, personalized ID in an instant.

How do you come into this equation? When you purchase from us , we donate a writeable ID to a rescue on behalf of your pet, for each item sold. We like to think of it as a great way to give back, it is so simple yet extremely effective. 

We've donated over 1,400 writeable tags to large and small Rescues, just like Poodle Rescue of Vermont. Our goal is to donate 5,000 and the sooner the better.
If you know of any Rescue Organizations that may benefit from receiving a donation or if you are a foster parent yourself, contact us.  We'd love to hear from you. We love to build long term relationships with each Rescue and support them as much as we can.