Every Small Donation Can Make A Big Difference!

Pet Blessings

We believe that when it comes to support and promoting love, protection and kindness to animals, no gesture is to small.  It all adds up!

Even in today's economic climate making a donation of as little as $1 means that two amazing animal welfare groups will benefit and it's easy to do.

How Does The "Donate $1" Program Work?

When you make a $1 donation two organizations, a Pet Rescue Non-Profit, such as Poodle Rescue of Vermont and Farm Sanctuary will receive a donation! 

  • For every $1 donated Pet Blessings will donate a writeable ID tag** to a Rescue, just like the ID tag Checkers is wearing. This means a foster pet will receive personalized ID to keep them safe until they find their forever home. Foster pets are very high risk for running away because they are often afraid and confused, so wearing an ID tag with contact information is very important for their safety.
  • We absolutely love the work of Gene Baur and the team at Farm Sanctuary. They do an amazing job of advocating for and taking care of farm animals by doing everything they can to end farm animal abuse in our lifetime. A very worthy cause close to our heart and for every dollar donated to this program Pet Blessings will donate $1 directly to Farm Sanctuary. 

Volunteer At A Rescue Or As A Foster Parent?

  • We'd love to hear from you! You can email us at petblessings@petblessings.com if you are interested in receiving a donation of writeable ID Tags or would like to learn more about the Program. It doesn't matter how large or small the rescue is or in which country, we love to help! 

All photos shown are courtesy of Poodle Rescue of Vermont, one of our donation partners.

** These ID tag donations are in made addition to the ID tag donations generated by each product sale made at Pet Blessings. 


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