Star of David Pet Charms

Hamish McBeth



Each tag is beautifully gift wrapped in a black velvet drawstring pouch.

 The Star of David pet charms from Pet Blessings are beautiful symbols of your love for your pet. The Star of David is one of, if not the most recognizable symbols of modern Judaism and is thought by many to be representative of King David's shield.

Provide love and protection to your beloved pets as custom hand-engraving is available for any message or information you wish to display. Beyond your name and contact information on a pet id tag, you may wish to use our Star of David charm to engrave a special message or medical alert information. If your pet has special dietary needs, allergies, or a medical condition – the large charm may serve this purpose well.

Our Star of David pet charms are available in two beautiful finishes of silver and gold. Choose from hand engraving or no engraving. Each comes with a collar ring and a lovely card.

They make great Judaic gifts or as a memorial for past loved furry-friends.


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