7 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather


It seems many people are experiencing record temperatures all around the country, with that in mind it's very important to remember the easy and simple ways to keep your beloved pet safe and cool.

We live in Temecula, CA where temperatures are often in the high 90's and 100's and it's a very dry heat; my pooches, Noodle & Pebble want to share their Top 7 Tips for staying safe and cool:

1. Exercise Us Early In The Morning Or Later In The Evening
    These are the cooler times of the day and it's much more comfortable to exercise then.
    We never want to go out in the heat of the midday sun (and neither do you, most likely).
    Test the temperature of the ground with your bare feet, if it feels uncomfortably warm to you....our paws won't like it either!

2. Check For Signs Of Dehydration
    Mainly we cool down by panting, so if you see your dog drooling excessively please attend to him/her immediately.  
    If the doggie has become lethargic or has blood shot eyes, these are signs the dog is dehydrated and needs water as a priority (and may also require veterinary care).
    Please remember that darker coated dogs and dogs that are overweight have a much greater chance of becoming dehydrated - pay attention.
3. Keeping Doggies Hydrated
    Always keep a full water bowl close by when we're at home, adding ice can be great for keeping the water cooler longer.
    Remember to take a water bottle on all trips and walks, especially long walks or any car journey.
    You just never when the bottle of water might be needed, we've all known our pet parents get stuck in traffic on a hot day, at some point in their lives - what if we where with them!  Water, please :) 
4. Never Leave Any Dog In A Parked Car, Even In The Shade
    While this be obvious to many, unfortunately some people still take a risk.
    It is much hotter in the car than lots of people realize, and many dogs get excited because of the claustrophobia.
    We'd love to drive around town with our Pet Mom, Brenda, but she just won't risk it and we agree with her on this one...best we stay cool and calm at home.
5. Remember We Dogs Cool From The Bottom Up
    If you are spraying your dog with water, don't just gently spray the top of their coat - their stomach and paws will appreciate some soothing spraying too.
   Cooling from the bottom up means doggies enjoy lying on a wet towel in the shade...ahh, bliss...
6. When Air Conditioning Isn't Available...
    You can set a fan in front of a bowl of ice, this works quite nicely and as a family can sit together and enjoy the cooler breeze.     
7. Let Us Dig!
    For some of us, digging keeps us cool, we like to dig up some dirt until the earth feels cooler and then just sit and enjoy the cooler earth in a shady spot.

    "Noodle loves digging, it's one of her very cute (& messy) qualities!"   Pebble

We hope these tips have been a helpful reminder of some of the fun and simple ways to love, protect and keep your pooch cool in hot weather.  

Lots of love and pet blessings,
Brenda, Noodle & Pebble xo



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December 05, 2014

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