5 Free Activities Dogs Love

5 Free Activities Dogs Love

Our dogs love attention and we love giving it to them. With this in mind we listed below five simple ways to spend time and connect with your dog that they will adore and you will really enjoy too!

Treat Time:
Use a spoon to catapult treats or kibble across the yard and watch your dog have great fun chasing after them (and of course eating them too).

Sock Massage:
Put an old pair of socks on your hands and massage your dog the way you normally do. Doing this creates a different sensation for them because much more of their coat is covered with each stroke. They will love that you look kinda silly too!

Toy Fun:
Hide your dog's favorite toy in a paper grocery bag. Shake the bag to get their attention and then watch them have fun digging it out and reclaiming it.

Scratching Under Their Collar:
This sweet spot is often forgotten during petting sessions. So try it out, chances are your dog will totally dig it.

Nose Massage:
Using your index finger, slowly stroke the bridge of their nose in the direction their hair grows. Watch them become sleepy as you relax too. Sounds like a perfect way to end your day together, starting tonight...zzzz.

It turns out that 100% of all the dogs we surveyed agreed these fun exercises are easy ways to bond and a great way to spend time focusing solely on them. Simply perfect!

with love & pet blessings,
Bren, Noodle & Pebble xo

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