Why Hemp Dog Collars Are Hip!

Happy Earth Day!

We know much you love your dogs and want only the best and safest products for them, so we're delighted to introduce 100% organic hemp dog collars here at Pet Blessings.  They're eco-friendly, organic, soft, strong and kind to all farm animals and the Planet!

The organic hemp we use is manufactured in Europe with no nasty pesticides or sweat shop labor involved.

Plus this engraved metal buckle dog collar can be personalized with your dog's important contact information, making it hip, stylish and practical. Pretty cool, huh!

Like you, we support making compassionate choices, even when it comes to the smaller stuff in life. Choosing eco-friendly, organic and sweatshop free all adds up to promoting love, protection and kindness to farm animals and the Planet. 

Buy now and you will also help a Rescue!  We'll donate a writeable ID tag to them on behalf of your dog.  This means a Foster pet will receive personalized ID to keep them safe until they find their forever home. 

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