Bubba's ID Tag Saves The Day!

Today driving home from the Store I saw a beautiful black dog meandeirng up the hill near my home. I pulled over right away and was relieved to see he was wearing a tag with his details engraved on it.  It was also obvious he is well taken care of and somehow managed to escape. His name is Bubba and he's adorable.
I called Bubba's number right away and left a voicemail saying that he was safe and I would take him home with me and to call me back ASAP.  Interestingly, at this point, Bubba seemed to be enjoying his outing and he was the perfect gentleman and climbed in the car quite calmly.  
When we arrived at my house, Noodle & Pebble weren't quite sure what to make of having an unexpected guest, but they did well and didn't get too jealous!  Darcey Bussell didn't know about Bubba because I didnt know how he would react to kitties and didn't want to potentially stress Darcey out.
The good news...there is a very happy ending. Because Bubba was wearing an ID tag with his phone number, he made it back home safely within a couple of hours!  He was a bit more excited by the time I drove him home, and I am sure he must have been wondering what on earth was happening in these strange surroundings.
It also struck me that whoever came home to discover Bubba gone probably had a very anxious moment or two to say the least especially before they heard the voicemail.  Because Bubba's ID tag provided his home phone number, we gifted him a writeable ID tag so that his pet parent's can write their cell phone number for him to wear also.  Heaven forbid he gets out again, but just in case, it is always better to include your cell number, I believe.
Tonight I'm cozied up and cuddling my three, counting my blessings that they are safe, happy and warm and Bubba is too.
It really is amazing how a little thing, like ensuring your pet his wearing a pet id tag 24/7,  really can save a lot of heartache and get a pet home very quickly in the sad event they become lost.  
Love & protect,
Brenda xo

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Zoe Franco
Zoe Franco

December 09, 2013

Thank you so much again for taking care of him and returning him home safely today. I can tell he was happy to have stayed with you! His new tag with my cell number is on his collar now. I appreciate it! :)

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