Foster Pets & The Rainbow Bridge


As part of our TLC (Tag+Leash+Collar) Program we love partnering with local shelters who foster out pets and work really hard to find them forever homes. Together, with our customers, we donate Writeable ID Tags to love and protect many of these fostered and rescued pets.

Every tag purchased from Pet Blessings generates an ID Tag donation on behalf of the pet and we match that donation. This means that two foster pets wear ID tags with their foster parents telephone numbers clearly visible.  

Yes, many times these pets are both microchipped and licensed too, but studies have repeatedly proven that a Pet ID Tag is the best first line of defense, should the pet get lost.  It makes a lot of sense, the first thing someone will do when they find a pet is call the phone number on the tag, it is easiest all around and the least stressful outcome for the lost pet. They find their way home so much more quickly.


However, sadly not all foster pets find forever homes and not every shelter is a No Kill facility. It matters greatly to us that any pet, that is going to be put to sleep, life does not go unnoticed and that they know someone cares and loves them.

At Pet Blessings we are passionate that these pets do not cross the Rainbow Bridge without acknowledging that their life mattered. We want to honor this is by donating tags, like the one photographed above. On each tag we write the heartfelt words "You Are Loved" and present each tag on a card with ribbon.  The idea is that the tag and ribbon are tied onto the pets neck before they cross The Rainbow Bridge.  I can't even write this without tearing up, and I invite you to consider if this is important to you too.  If so, we would love you to join us in making this happen while we work towards having as many lives saved as possible.

If you are thinking about buying a gift for your beloved pet this holiday season please check us out, it is the gift that keeps on giving.  The more tags we supply to loved pets the more fostered pets we can love and protect together.  'Tis a beautiful thing.

Love & protect,

Brenda, Noodle & Pebble









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pet id tags
pet id tags

November 21, 2014

What a very cute collar tag. Me too, i put Pet ID tags for identification purposes. Sometimes I do customize and i use different designs, colors, shape and sizes.

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