In Honor of Dillon

We received a very touching email from Julie about her beloved boy Dillon and how his St Francis Pet ID Tag loved & protected him every day of his life until he sadly passed in December 2013.
With Julie's permission we are sharing her email with you because  it is a beautiful testament as to why a St Francis ID tag represents so much more than 'just a pet tag'.
"Dillon, my great joy,
and best boy in the world, passed from cancer in December, and it was
heartbreaking. I miss him terribly with every passing day.

He wore your St. Francis of Assisi tags from the day I got him as a pup, until the
day he passed. I know it brought him much luck, protection, and love in life.
I couldn't have been more blessed with a better companion and
I loved seeing your tag on his collar and feeling it's meaning.
He wore it so well, and people often noticed it and commented on it."
- Julie P. 

R.I.P Dillon

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