My Childhood Dog's Legacy

I really love this photograph; it makes me think of love, peace and being grateful for all the blessings in my life.    One of the biggest blessings was having my own puppy aged 3, Whiskey.   She was beautiful, a Collie mix, very smart and very loving.
Whiskey was in my life until I was 18 years old.  She knew more about me than anyone in the World, because I told her everything!  She was always there, constant and caring.  Big puppy eyes staring into my soul.  Funny how I trusted her and felt she completely understood me.   When she passed, it was the first experience of loss in my life, and it hurt, oh how it hurt.
Through loving and losing her I eventually realized there is a gift in everything, even when it can be very hard to see it at the time.  That is her legacy to me, and even to this day, many decades later, it is still how I live my life.  From time to time we all struggle, life happens, but her gift to me really helps me remain at peace and know that all will be ok in the end.  There is a wonderful old Indian saying, "It will all be ok in the end, and if it is not ok, then it is not the end".  
People who love animals are blessed with an opportunity to step into a gateway of love and support every day, even when life seems challenging.   Making connection with others through a kind word, a hug or a friendly smile all makes a positive difference.   
I would love to read you comments on the legacy a pet has brought to your life and how that translates into connecting with others.
Love really is all around,
Brenda xo

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