Got Monday Blues!


Do you ever go to work on a Monday and feel stressed, anxious and drained before the day starts?

Did you feel like that over the weekend, or when you have time off, when a new day dawned for you and your pets?   Probably not!  

So why is that and what can you do about it…

Be open to giving yourself to be permission to just be you, not worrying about what others think or how they will react. Yes, really!

For example, you’re in a meeting or dealing with a co-worker and some issue comes up, everyone is concerned about what the boss will think, say or do and they try to second-guess it.   Politics are rife.  Chances of getting it right are slim for the bad tempered boss, so why bother.  Why not just do what needs done without resentment or frustration and listen more than talk. 

Try approaching the situation the same loving and kind way you would with your pet; you just do what comes naturally, take care of the situation and continue to love them unconditionally.   Problem gets solved and you didn’t waste time or energy worrying if your pet would still love you because of what you did or didn’t do or how you acted.  Same goes in all situations in life, if we let it.

At some point we all get caught up in drama that we don’t need to and self-fuel the situation with our own thoughts.   The good news…there's always a choice! 

All I am asking is not to trust what I’m suggesting, but to try it, even just for today and see what happens.

You ‘re a very kind and loving person and if you let your diamond shine through the world will be a better place today just because you showed up as the real you!

How cool is that.



With love & blessings,

Brenda xo


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