The Ferocious HairBall

This memory came out of the blue, but made me smile and I thought you'd enjoy it too!
Years ago when Darcey Bussell and I still lived in Glasgow preparing to move to California, a gentleman came by to quote for the transportation of our worldly goods to our new home.
He was a really sweet little man and after he finished quoting for the move he sat with me sharing a pot of tea and talking about some of his life adventures. 
He'd placed his open briefcase on the floor in the hall and the way we were sitting he had his back to it and I could see it clearly.   All of a suddent Darcey jumps in his briefcase, cute I thought, she's ready for our adventure and is letting me know it!  Plus she loves to jump into cases, paper bags etc and it wasn't that unusual. thing I see her start to move back and forth and heave... I panicked but tried to hide it (not very well) I darted across to remove her...but too late, a big ferocious hairball was now sitting in the man's briefcase.  Oh brother...
Well to cut a long story short, he was very gracious and kindly tried to reassure me it was nothing!  
Darcey....she sat looking at us, quite calm about the whole thing and refused to be in the least bit bothered.
Gotta love my pretty kitty.   
With love & pet blessings, xo

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