Annual Pet Blessings Day - October 4th



Pet Blessings day will be celebrated by many this weekend and beautifully represents a gathering of love, protection and kindness towards animals.

For me, Pet Blessings are given and received, from us to our pets and them to us.  My gateway to love is through my pets, and I believe this to be true for many people.

How kind and loving would the world be if we could share, witout hesitation, the same unconditional love, protection and kindness to each other as we readily share with our beloved pets.

I respect everyone's right to choose their path to love and God and lovingly share a prayer and pet blessings for stray and homeless pets.


To all the fur-beings who are lost,

Or homeless,

Or living as strays,

May they find a good meal to eat.

May they have shelter to keep them warm.

May they have comfort.

May they be shown kindness by strangers.

And may they return home, or find good homes.

May they rest in a place in which they can thrive.

Filled with love, with warmth, with tender caring,

with good food, with true companions

for all of their days.


With love,

Brenda, Noodle & Pebble xo







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