Betty White & Dogs For The Deaf

Yesterday was a 'Dear Diary' day for me because Keith (my hubby) and I got to meet and spend some time with Betty White and the amazing team at Dogs for the Deaf.  We attended the Hooray for HollyWoof event at the Wilshire Country Club, Los Angeles to raise funds and awareness for this fantastic Oregon based organization.  
Betty looked absolutely radiant and happy and her presence is one of sheer joy and kindness. 
She very kindly gave me a hardcopy of her book "If You Ask Me" and signed it to 'Brenda & Pet Blessings'!  So although you may not have been with us in person, you were with us in spirit.  
It was a pleasure to tell Betty about Pet Blessings mission 'to reduce the number of lost pets ending up in shelters and sadly euthanized', because they were kept safe by wearing their engraved pet id tag 24/7 to love & protect them always.  It really is the simplest first line of defense to quickly get them home if they were ever lost.  She really liked that!
She loves and adores her Golden Retriever, Pontiac and I wanted to thank her for gifting her time at this event and presented her with a Pet Blessings engraved id tag for Pontiac and she loved it!   It was a big silver star set with Aqua Blue Swarovski Crystals which will be beautiful against Ponty's golden coat.  We hope he likes it too!
Betty gave a wonderful opening speech and talked about the great work that Dogs for the Deaf do and how positive their contribution is in the world.  She very generously matched donations made that day up to $25,000!  Way to go Betty.  She's also on the Board of DFTD and I feel very blessed to be an Ambassador and part of this great group.  I encourage you to check them out and get involved if your heart says 'yes', I volunteer for so many reasons, including:
  • Betty White supports it - which gives it huge kudos for me
  • EVERY dog is a rescue!
  • If a dog doesn't make it as a working dog they great care is taken to find them a Forever home 
  • Robin Dickson (DFTD, CEO) her father started the organization,  both her and her team are amazing and full of love
  • This organization creates changes in the lives of rescued dogs and people in such a positive way
Robin Dickson, CEO & Hearing Dog Bonsai


I'd love to introduce you to Rugby, he is Tiffany's Hearing Dog and was so adorable I could have taken him home!




Tiffany waited seven years to be matched with Rugby, because it was very important for her that she could take her dog to work.  That's the longest time it has ever taken to find someone a match but they are perfect reminds me that if it's worth having, it's worth waiting for!


There's lots more to share about this event and the kind hearted celebrities we had the pleasure of meeting, but Betty deserves to be front and center stage for her big warm heart and smile.    Simply put, Betty is the best!  


I'm looking forward to sharing more on my blog this Thursday, so watch this space.

Love & protect,
Brenda xo

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