What Our Pets Already Know About Us






Recently I sat back and conducted what is best described as a 'Life Review' and it was a pretty interesting exercise.  I'm in my 50's and started jotting down what I'm grateful at this stage in my life...here's my list:

  • By sharing my love of animals & keeping them safe, connecting with others & expressing this passion freely & openly, I feel authentic, healthy, happy & joyful 
  • Living by the mantra 'there is a gift in everything'; it shows up in many ways, one of which is me embracing my imperfections (no more asking does my b*m look big in this :)) 
  • Giving myself the freedom to be who I am meant to be (& not a people pleaser at home or in my career)
  • Not letting my age, ego or other people get in the way of trying something new (if not now, when?)
  • No attachment to being defined by others (it's ok if someone doesn't 'get' me)
  • Being blessed with a very supportive & loving husband (of just over one month).  I waited a long time for the right 'rest of my life' partner, because if it's worth having it's worth waiting for.

There's a well known saying "I wish I was the person my dog thinks I am"; I'm also grateful for believing that each of us is that loving and lovable person already and our pets are smart enough to know it and we just need to let it in.

My invitation to you, is to take a few moments to reflect on and list the things in your life you are grateful for.  Connecting with that space and sitting back and looking at what's on your list will probably show you that you are the person your pet thinks you are!


Love & blessings,

Brenda xo 



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Doris Lazzaro
Doris Lazzaro

October 24, 2013

I truly enjoyed your article. Very inspirational. My favorite is: I wish I was the person my dog thinks I am. Take care!!!


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