Lost Pet. Big Scary World... A Microchip Alone Is Not Enough!


It’s a really big, scary world out there for cats and dogs who are lost and alone, far from home. And even though you may think your pet would never run away - never to be one of the lost ones cowering in an alley or running across a busy street - the sad fact is that it can happen to any pet.  

For example, at Halloween many pets understandably become scared of all the noise, activity at the front door and in the house and there is a higher risk they may try and escape the noise and confusion.

Did you know that of the millions of dogs and cats are taken to animal shelters as 'strays' each year. Many of these animals are actually beloved pets and sadly only about 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats who end up in shelters without an engraved ID tag and microchip are ever reunited with their owners!

Why do so few pets get returned home?

- Because their pet parent failed to put easy to read identification on their pet. Sadly even the most responsible pet parent can be accidentally or unexpectedly separated from their pet.

Why is a microchip alone not enough?

- You want to make it really easy for someone to return your lost pet home; most people carry a cell phone and if your number is clearly engraved on the tag, the first thing they are likely to do is call YOU!  You made it much easier for them to reunite you and your pet.

- If someone can't easily call you they have to take the pet somewhere, home or a shelter...that gives them a problem to deal with and involves more time.  More time means less chance of being reunited.  More variables now come into play in getting your pet home safely and quickly.

- Also, a little know fact is that a microchip can become embedded under a pet's shoulder (for example) and be very difficult to find in a scan.  You are also relying on some busy person, probably multi tasking to keep scanning until they find it.  Good luck with that.

-Your pet most likely has a microchip, embedded at the shelter you rescued them from or at your own vet's.  Don't rely on the chip alone, that would be like relying on your air bags in a car accident but you'd forgotten to put on your seatbelt...not a good gamble!

That’s why every day at Pet Blessings we support and celebrate the American Humane Association's  "Every Day Is Tag Day", we encourage all pet owners to always have an engraved id tag and microchip on their furry best friends.

Pet care is about more than providing food, water and shelter. Pet care also includes always tagging and microchipping your pet.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Please get an engraved pet id tag for your beloved pet today and keep it on them 24/7!


Love & protect,

Brenda xo

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