October 28, 2013


Betty White & Dogs For The Deaf

Yesterday was a 'Dear Diary' day for me because Keith (my hubby) and I got to meet and spend some time with Betty White and the amazing team at Dogs for the Deaf.  We attended the Hooray for HollyWoof event at the Wilshire Country Club, Los Angeles to raise funds and awareness for this fantastic Oregon based organization.  
Betty looked absolutely radiant and happy and her presence is one of sheer joy and kindness. 
She very kindly gave me a hardcopy of her book "If You Ask Me" and signed it to 'Brenda & Pet Blessings'!  So although you may not have been with us in person, you were with us in spirit.  
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October 24, 2013

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What Our Pets Already Know About Us






Recently I sat back and conducted what is best described as a 'Life Review' and it was a pretty interesting exercise.  I'm in my 50's and started jotting down what I'm grateful at this stage in my life...here's my list:

  • By sharing my love of animals & keeping them safe, connecting with others & expressing this passion freely & openly, I feel authentic, healthy, happy & joyful 
  • Living by the mantra 'there is a gift in everything'; it shows up in many ways, one of which is me embracing my imperfections (no more asking does my b*m look big in this :)) 
  • Giving myself the freedom to be who I am meant to be (& not a people pleaser at home or in my career)
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October 17, 2013


Lost Pet. Big Scary World... A Microchip Alone Is Not Enough!

It’s a really big, scary world out there for cats and dogs who are lost and alone, far from home. And even though you may think your pet would never run away - never to be one of the lost ones cowering in an alley or running across a busy street - the sad fact is that it can happen to any pet.  

For example, at Halloween many pets understandably become scared of all the noise, activity at the front door and in the house and there is a higher risk they may try and escape the noise and confusion.

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October 03, 2013


Annual Pet Blessings Day - October 4th

Pet Blessings day will be celebrated by many this weekend and beautifully represents a gathering of love, protection and kindness towards animals.

For me, Pet Blessings are given and received, from us to our pets and them to us.  My gateway to love is through my pets, and I believe this to be true for many people.

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September 30, 2013


The Ferocious HairBall

This memory came out of the blue, but made me smile and I thought you'd enjoy it too!
Years ago when Darcey Bussell and I still lived in Glasgow preparing to move to California, a gentleman came by to quote for the transportation of our worldly goods to our new home.
He was a really sweet little man and after he finished quoting for the move he sat with me sharing a pot of tea and talking about some of his life adventures. 
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September 12, 2013


Twelve Years On...9/11

Seems hard to believe it was 12 years ago, still get goose bumps when I think of that day.   I was getting ready to leave my house in Scotland for the last time to fly out to start a new life in California.  Just me and Darcey Bussell, my precious kitty.  

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September 09, 2013


Got Monday Blues!

Do you ever go to work on a Monday and feel stressed, anxious and drained before the day starts?

Did you feel like that over the weekend, or when you have time off, when a new day dawned for you and your pets?   Probably not!  

So why is that and what can you do about it…

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September 05, 2013


My Childhood Dog's Legacy

I really love this photograph; it makes me think of love, peace and being grateful for all the blessings in my life.    One of the biggest blessings was having my own puppy aged 3, Whiskey.   She was beautiful, a Collie mix, very smart and very loving.
Whiskey was in my life until I was 18 years old.  She knew more about me than anyone in the World, because I told her everything!


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April 14, 2013


Cat Treats









Cats are connoisseurs.  Unlike dogs, they tend to be rather fussy and choosy...and not just about their food.  Interestingly, many times, if their normal feeding routines are disturbed or their menu changes dramatically, they soon let us know they are displeased and will often reject their food.

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April 12, 2013


Canine Quirks

Who hasn't wondered why dogs chase their tails?  If they understand it when you point?  And whether cats and dogs really dog get along?  Now we share anwers to the most common, interesting and unusual questions pet lovers have when it comes to their dogs, including:-

  • Do dogs remember incidents?
  • Why don't dogs get hairballs?
  • How can dogs run many miles or more in sledding races?
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